About Us

What we do

Proprietary Trading:

  • We are systematic investment managers, we uses the scientific methods to develop advanced investment and trading systems
  • Through statistical analysis and mathematical modelling of historical data, we strive to identify profitable trading opportunities
  • We use a variety of technological methods, including artificial intelligence, machine learning, GPGPU and distributed computing, for developing trading strategies

Core Software Products Development Stock Market Analysis:

  • Develop software to augment market analysis and improve trading
  • Few of these software for trading strategy development and execution are available on the basis of software as service (SAS), with custom agreements to other traders and companies

Our Skills

Trading Strategy Design and Development
C/C++, Lua, Python, R-Language, CUDA, MPI
AI Tools, Evolutionery Algorithms, GP, GA, Neural Networks
Data Analysis, Technical Analysis


Pawan Kumar
  • Chief Analyst
  • Design of trading strategies
  • All AI related developments
  • Ajay Sharma
  • Trading strategy development and testing
  • Monitor AI runs and outputs
  • Portfolio management and software development
  • Roshan Khan
  • Trading strategy design and testing
  • Monitoring performance and warnings
  • Ashok Gaur
  • Trading strategy development and testing
  • Monitoring performance and warnings


    • Address: Ram Vihar, Anand Vihar, New Delhi, India, 110092
    • Email: support@quantmaster.in
    • Website: www.quantmaster.in
    • Contact Number: (+91) 98-9998-2930