Visualize Trades

With position sizing

Performance Analysis

Complete portfolio, strategy and individual scrip wise analysis

Comparitive Analysis

Compare strategies or scrips with each other

Lua Scripting

It is very easy to code any trading logic

Performance Reports

Detailed Performance Analysis

Bring any trading idea to live with a professional quantitative trading platform

You will be able to transform any methmatical or Technical Analysis model into live trading


So that you just focus on your trading strategies and don't need to spend a fortune on the software

Back Testing

  • True Portfolio-level testing
  • Dynamic portfolio-level position sizing
  • Blazing fast speed
  • No limit on number of symbols for backtesting (capable of handling enitre NSE stocks universe)
  • Supports daily and intraday bar intervals
  • Multiple time-frames in one system
  • Multiple symbol data access (allows creation of spread strategies, global market timing signals, etc)
  • Scoring & ranking, dynamic trade allocation via position score
  • Rotational trading
  • Scaling in/out (pyramiding)
  • Pair trading
  • Dynamic Rebalancing
  • Custom cost/commissions
  • MOC, Limit, Stop entries and exits
  • Support for constraints like round lot size or odd lot size
  • Detailed trade listing

Performance Analysis

  • Detailed reports for all, long-only, short-only trades with many metrics including Sharpe ratio, profit factor and many others
  • Run all of your strategies and get reports of any combination of strategies or stocks
  • Equity/Drawdown Chart
  • Monthly PL Chart
  • Comparitive Equity Chart
  • Daily PL Chart
  • Trade by trade reports
  • Performance ranking by strategies and stocks from the universe

Charting Features

  • Basic interactive Bar and Candlestick charts
  • See Buy/sell/Target/Stoploss on charts
  • Signal name and quantity are also shown with trades

Programming features

  • Blazing Fast lua script is used for programming trading strategies
  • Lua is known for performance, not far behind from C/C++
  • There are many features expossed to Lua so that full power is with strategy writter to explore and write very complex strategies efficiently

Data Server

  • MongoDB is used to store all stocks data
  • MongoDB is very efficient, scalble and known for it's performance
  • You can store all Stocks and Derivative data coming from NSEI in it realtime without any issue
  • Datafeed can be customized to receive data from any source or exchange
  • You can also send any data with desired data structure using multicast

Symbol List

  • All NSEI stocks and derivatives symbol list is available readymade
  • Datafeed can be customized to receive data or symbols from any source


QuantMaster is being used since 2013 at multiple locations by many traders and brokers in Delhi and Mumbai region


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  • Contact Number: (+91) 98-9998-2930